Life and Dreams

Songs are sung on top of tombs
Like scripture read in a blind man’s room
Like playing hide and seek on Stevie Wonder’s rules
Broken toes,fractured souls and mama’s boys
Life is like the Minimoys Small,weird but still awesome.
Dreams are dreamt in IKEA furnished rooms
Like a path not revealed to all
Like a raging sea that not all can cross
Dreams are like water Colourless and dangerous…


Another two ordinary words out of the dictionary…
Mentioned many times by people…
Not a big deal to them…
I will wake up tomorrow…
I will get what I want…
I will fall in love…
And so much more…
To will is a verb in itself that very few really do understand…But well lucky enough I’m part of that small group…
To me I will is a strong one…the strongest combination of two words I’ve ever come across;
Quite complex but very very meaningful.
You ask whether you could use it in the past tense or the future… But one thing is for sure it is better to use it in the present… Because today is just a present still wrapped up for us to discover when we open our eyes in the morning, tomorrow is never granted and neither do we know anything about it and yesterday is just gone… If you ask me…

I will to be happy.
I will to make a change.
I will to chase my dreams.
I will to follow the teachings of My Saviour.
I will to give up on all those things that do not add any value to who I am.
I will to learn.
I will to read.
I will to reach out to those less fortunate.
I will to share knowledge.
I will to put a smile on someone’s face.
I will to make my Mama proud.
I will to leave an impact.
I will to be remembered.
I will to write…and so on

How powerful such a combination of two words could ever be…best when used in the present tense…meaningless when used in the past and future tenses…
Well the point is; that combination is the only strength that we need in order to get what we need…
The power of “I will” if we believe in it strongly, will takes us far…
It will make us stand up for what we believe in, give us the courage and endurance necessary to carry out our wildest dreams, and most especially give us the wings that we need in order to soar to great heights…

Just “will” today.Do not wait for tomorrow you might not be there.Do not look to the past it is long gone…
Keep your focus on today and reach out for that thing you want so badly.

You just need to Will and that will within you will make you achieve what you want.





tama-21238791975.jpg its okay to love yourself so hard that others learn how to love you through you

you leave

 but you don’t stay gone

why do you do that

why do you

abandon that thing you want to keep

why do you linger

 in a place, you don’t want to stay

why do you think its okay to do both

go and return all at once

-Rupi Kaur


I guess poetry is all that keeps me alive at this point in my life. I seek solace to be lost and never found in the words of people I have never met but we relate. It is like we shared experiences in another life.

I really don’t know how to put this…I said that he made more than I was: more alive, more aware, passionate, and calm. I loved him so much, and all you can do for those you love is…

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why i hate school but absolutely love education?

until a few years ago i didn’t know that education and school were almost different, i say almost because schooling is a small part of education. i had always thought that education only limited in school. during my entire life i had been pushed to excel in school and absolutely be the best and this i did try but at some point i did feel like i had failed completely. i started feeling like a total failure only because i had repeated a class and felt that there wasn’t much i could do with such meager grades. it was like i had just disappointed everyone who ever saw  me as an example. i got to learn the hard way that not everything can be learned in school and that a few bad grades were not going to define who i was to become in the future.

basically, we’ve been studying the same way since school was invented with very minor changes,thanks to technology. it’s always been a teacher at the front and learners properly groomed almost looking like angels(yeah, right?) listening quietly to material provided by the teacher.70% of this is totally useless in real life and only 30% is what we really need. now with technology advancement, this system has improved just a little bit but nothing that we should really be proud of because people finish school and there is basically nothing much they can do on their own.

right now i am a freshman at a christian University and it is like i have never left high school.  there are so many units that should be made optional but these are heavily imposed on us as if our lives depended on them. but we really have to take them or else we won’t be able to graduate at the end of our course. whether you want to be a pastor, a software engineer, a teacher or a business person, you must all go through the same process; too much unnecessary work and very little amount of practical work which i do believe must be more than the notes and such.

what school does, is that it makes everyone groomed in a particular way and the learners made to think in a given way. every now and then, we are told to just explore our limitless boundaries and think outside the box. we have been, and this for centuries, confined in a very tiny box where we are fed with something we might not need…


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Vert Berry

Malkia was enjoying her afternoon siesta before her boss just entered the office from nowhere.She received the lashing of her life and resumed to her normal work, typing at the office.The boss was always hard on her and her co-workers but they were all used to it and laughed at times after he displayed his tantrums and patiently waited for their salaries at the end of the month.

The boss, Mr. Mwajuma was always bothersome, a total choleric to the core.He almost picked on anyone and everyone but he liked to pick on Malkia in particular.He would lash and afterwards comment “especially you Malkia’ and every time the workers were lashed at and they were going home in the favorite ‘ matatus'(public means of transport in Kenya) they would just say their favorite phrase “especially you Malkia” and laughed at it.At least it made them feel better after a long…

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First Friday

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where perfection lies…


There are things we never forget in our dear precious life!!

There are moments that seem to be perfectly made for us… And then there are people you never ever forget…

All it takes is a little glimpse, a little second when the eyes meet and the hearts skip a bit…

It’s being served the best mojito that will take you places… A trip for the senses you can’t afford to miss.

It’s eating the best meal ever that will leave you wondering about perfection…

It’s that song you get asked to dance to…

It’s that boy you meet eyes with, even though the possibility of ever seeing him again is so slim…

It’s that kind of silence where you feel comfortable and not unwanted…

It’s that person who thinks you are a celebrity and asks you if he can take a selfie with you…

It’s the cry of that new born baby or even the smile on a tired woman’s face after long hours of labor…

It’s the sunset that we watch without really knowing or having prepared for it…

It’s watching a bird take flight…

It’s that swing set that you will never forget…

It’s so much more

It’s the little things we overlook… The ones that we decide to ignore and wish to forget that count the most…

We seek perfection in the hardest ways that we forget where it lies…

La fleur du desert(the African woman)


Hers is no fairy tale…

She dances to the sound of the waves

Her strength resembles that of the warriors

Her moves so swift like a coursing river

Her feet like the soil she walks are cracked.

Her mouth opens to reveal the deepest secrets of survival in the jungle.

Her eyes tell the stories of hope and hardship.

Her smile tells of the sadness she buries within

Her long arms tell the untold stories of what she does everyday

Her legs speak of the mountains she walks in order to survive.

Her skin speaks of the Lord’s masterpiece…

She is a queen with unmatched beauty…

She is an African woman!!!

Afrique Cherie(Africa Dearest)

p1014053.jpgRise and Shine Africa
I celebrate Africa!!Today I celebrate…

I celebrate Mama Africa!!

While the rest of the world write you down in history without clear understanding of who you are, I await your rise Mama!

Yes, the world may write you down on paper but nobody knows the heart of a mother than the one who has been closest to it!!!

They have tried to wipe you off the face of the earth but firm you have stood throughout the ages…

Your children have been ripped away from you Mama and you did cry greatly for that is the worst pain of a mother…

The world has stolen your riches mother and has left you unclothed, naked and in shame.

Today I celebrate you!

I celebrate you Mama for your sons and daughters who have given their lives for you (our heroes) who believed in wiping away their mother’s tears and putting a smile on her face…

Did they die in vain?? No!

Mama it is time you birthed greatness, time you clothed yourself again, time you made sure that none of your sons and daughters died in vain, time you showed the world what you are and that nothing can be taken away from you…

Mama rise and be great

Rise and shine mama like the sun as it rises/sets from behind your beautiful hills and mountains…. This is your time Africa

Your time to be great. Your time to change the course of history. Your time to smile.

Your time to uncloth yourself from the shame you have been forced to wear.

Your time to wear your beautifully adorned crown made of all your riches and the hard work of your kids Mama!!!

Rise and sing the songs of freedom and resilience.

Rise and celebrate your children Africa

Rise and bring back what has been taken away from you…

Rise and bring back your children to your bosom…

Rise and blow the horn of greatness

Rise and shine mama!!

Rise and shine Africa…


“I’m on a deathly race with hell’s angels. Their ridiculously sharp claws won’t stop gnawing at me trying to take me to their darkness. It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever had in my entire life…”

Most times, I feel miserable with no escape. And such moments I feel just like giving in to their gnawing. But I’ve been to their place and it wasn’t that perfect, I don’t wanna go back there. There’s too much pain left on my legs after their gnawing and they won’t stop at that. Their ultimate goal is to shatter my inner peace and at the same time, shatter my dreams.

I’m messed up. Beautifully messed up. A beauty that I myself can see beyond all the imperfections. A  beautiful mess I wanna let out so that the demons will finally let me be.

Sometimes I feel like I’m at my worst and feel that nothing is of much importance is there to make me stay. I feel like giving a call to the demons so that they can make me feel better or even just worse. Most nights I can’t sleep in fear of drowning in a deep and wide sea of my fears. Then I fall asleep to a far-off sweet lullaby. My mind has wandered to a world of its own with no accord with my soul and body.

So today I write, transforming my deepest fears and messes into something bigger and better that I can look up to whenever I’m feeling at my worst.

I have to remind myself what a creature I am, mostly telling myself that I am the last hope for a better world and that the world is counting on me. I write this to remind hell’s angels that I am a conqueror and that they have nothing on me. Because I have run a race with them and they failed to reach at me. After their gnawing at me, my soul has not been affected my body and heart have been broken.

But here I am!

A conqueror!

A winner!

A champion!

I am irreplaceable!

I am unmistakable!

I am incomparable!